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Raketa watches are considered among Russian watch collectors as one of the higher quality watches. They are known for their 24 hour dials and strong military heritage. Although Raketa manufactures many types of watches including pocket watches. These watches were manufactured up until 1995-6, when the Raketa factory went Bankrupt, its huge inventory is still now being sold off a decade later, a classic reason for bankruptcies is high overhead and an over abundance of inventory. This appears to have been the problem as now the Raketa watches which have been for sale for a decade after the factory closed in bankruptcy are finally getting harder and harder to come by. There is talk about the company emerging from bankruptcy in the near future.
Here is the proud heritage of Raketa dating back to 1935 manufactured by the Petrodvoretz Watch Factory.
In 1701 the stone working factory was founded according to the regulation of the tsar Peter the Great. Since the beginning of the XIX century the factory has been producing the art pieces made of precious and semiprecious stones, conducted diamond cutting.
In 1930 the ruby stars for Moscow Kremlin towers have been produced by the factory. In 1932, on the base of that factory, the "Plant N1 was open. It was fit for production of precision technical stones.
Since 1935 the factory was manufacturing the products for watch industry.
Since 1954 "Raketa" factory has become the leading watch manufacturer in Russia.
The plant produces clock mechanisms which rank among the most reliable in the world. Mechanisms produced by "Raketa" factory designed to work in extreme conditions. They have been tested under the load that impressed Swiss specialists. The unique clock mechanisms on 16 ruby stones are of high rate of precision and reliability. These mechanisms are admitted in Europe and in Japan.
In 1972 in the International Leipzig Exhibition in Germany, "Raketa" factory gained the First Place in the tuff competition with the best world watch manufactures.
In 1984 "Raketa" had a success on the European Exhibition in Bulgaria.
In 1994 the factory was given the International reward "Golden Globe" for production of competitive high-quality products and integration in the world's economy. Serial "Raketa's" clock mechanisms are being installed in the watches of companies Seiko, Omega, Orient. The watch factory is located in the city of Petrodvoretz (about 30 km. from St.Petersburg). This small suburban city is more known for its old Palaces Parks and Fountains.

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